Auditing/Compliance Tips & Resources

Not All Debridements Are Excisional

Recovery audit contractors (RACs) have recouped millions of dollars for excisional debridements that weren't really excisional, or that weren't fully documented to support the coding reported...

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ED E/M Codes Quick Tips

Any provider can use the emergency department codes (99281-99285), as long as the service is provided in the ED setting. There is not a requirement for the provider to be assigned to the ED to use these codes...

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Diagnosis Assignment When Screening Colonoscopy Turns up a Polyp

When dealing with Medicare patients, if the physician discovers a polyp during what begins as a screening colonoscopy, you should retain the initial V code (for instance, V76.51 Special screening for malignant neoplasms; colon) as the primary diagnosis...

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