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Hire the Best!

Many of the articles published lately have dealt with policies and best practices of front end collections, maintaining patient satisfaction, and reducing the work effort involved with collecting small amounts of money after the service has been rendered. Experience has taught that it takes more than an office policy to accomplish the desired outcome of eliminating billing statements for co-pays and deductible that should have been collected on the date of service.
That “something more” is the employee that is the gem at the front desk/check-out window who remembers the patient’s name and who is capable of asking for (and collecting!) the co-pay or amount due from the patient with a smile. Since this is the first and last contact a patient has with your practice it is critical to choose employees wisely.
Some hiring tips:

  • What is your first impression when meeting this applicant?
  • Is the applicant timid? Too aggressive? Indecisive?
  • Ask them to tell you about previous things they’ve done in life and determine their attitude towards people and work.
  • Ask the applicant open-ended questions — not yes or no questions!
    • How would you ask for money — What words would you choose?
    • How would you handle a patient refusing to pay?
    • Describe an experience you had with an angry/displeased patient (or customer).

Find out what scores or grades they got at their highest level of education to determine if they have the aptitude to understand the complexity of dealing with multiple carriers. Most importantly, do they have a desire to succeed and work hard? Good people skills, intelligence, and desire to work hard is a winning combination.
Pay them well. Employees that enjoy what they do and are rewarded for a job well done will stay the course, be productive, and manage the business at the front desk.

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