Telehealth Network Connects Doctors to Underserved

UnitedHealth Group and Cisco Systems, Inc. recently launched a new health initiative promising to bring remote medical care to rural and underserved populations.

“Connected Care” will use Cisco’s video and audio conferencing technology and UnitedHealth’s national care provider network, which the company says includes 590,000 health care professionals and more than 4,900 hospitals, to provide medical services to patients in rural areas, the workplace, and underserved populations.

“Connected Care is the house call for the 21st century and is our latest innovation providing people with greater access to quality care,” said Stephen J. Hemsley, chief executive officer, UnitedHealth Group. “The combination of Cisco’s technology and our national health care resources will make it easier for people to receive care where distance has been an obstacle.”

Rural New Mexico residents will be able to get remote health screenings and treatments through a partnership with Project HOPE.

“In developing advanced telemedicine technologies, we’re unlocking new possibilities for how patients can interact with doctors and medical staff. The in-person visit with a doctor is no longer the sole ‘gold standard’ method for delivering high-quality health care services,” said Dr. Kaveh Safavi, vice president Global Healthcare Practice, Cisco Systems, Inc. “Instead, we’ve now introduced a new care at-a-distance health care delivery model that better connects people, information and processes into one continuum of care. This new technology-enabled delivery model will improve productivity and efficiency in health care while at the same time minimizing costs for access to quality care services.”

See Cisco’s International HealthPresence Pilot Program press release.

Click here for more details on the Connected Care initiative.

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