Medicare University Updated by Jurisdiction B

National Government Services, the jurisdiction B Medicare administrative contractor (MAC), has updated its Medicare University website with several new features. The MAC points out the updated site includes a listing of all computer-based training courses available, updated frequently asked questions about Medicare University, and step-by-step instructions on accessing the Self Reporting Tool.

Jurisdiction B includes Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, and Wisconsin.

2 Responses to “Medicare University Updated by Jurisdiction B”

  1. Heatherayn says:

    You should consider coordinating with NGS to offer CEU’s for these CBT (the pertinent ones). They are of value and can be very useful in job related circumstances. I understand that you have cut down on sponsoring “free” CEU activities, which in this economy seems foolhardy, but I believe this action will only result in less coders continuing forward and more fraud in CEU achievement. In any large business ask how many of the coders actually attended the teleconference that was purchased versus how many just shared the CEU number afterwards? Yes, it speaks to a lack of integrity, but it also speaks to the quality of the teleconferences, the outmoded presentation style, the time commitment involved and the lack of variety in the topics. I think you need to seriously think about understanding the education needs of today’s coders and how best to address them. Stale teleconferences are not the answers. For the sake of coding and the sake of AAPC think forward, not bottomline.

  2. Kailin says:

    Such a deep asnwer! GD&RVVF

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