Advance for Health Information Professionals: Students and ICD-10

Even though October 1, 2013 seems like a long ways off for health care professionals there are preparation steps that coding students can do now and be ready for the ICD-10 implementation, says AAPC and ICD-10 expert Rhonda Buckholz. “Strengthening your (ICD-9) foundation … is a good start to being able to use the codes in ICD-10. If you haven’t had a formal class yet, now is the time to turn your attention to that area.”

2013 is still a ways off and now is not the time to learn the ICD-10 codes because those codes are still in draft version and you’ll have to re-learn them in 2013. Please read the full version of the article to get the best examples of easing your transition.


Full article is found here.

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  1. Cathy Matteson says:

    I feel by learning and training now for ICD-10 I will be better able to help the companies I work for get prepared and possibily be in a position to get paid for training companies and help them.
    I enjoy the learning process.

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