Physicians Practice Options: Start Preparing Now for Implementation of ICD-10 Codes

“The transition to ICD-10 will affect every function performed in a medical practice,” says Rhonda Buckholz, vice president of Business and Member Development for AAPC, in the March edition of Physicians Practice Options. “Practices will have to revise their super bills, or eliminate paper super bills altogether” she adds. Even though experts are stressing ICD-10 preparation, to learn the actual codes now would be a frivolous waste of time because ICD-10 is still an “unstable environment”.

ICD-10 implementation will force everyone involved to work outside their usual comfort zone as well. “For this transition to work, it will require us reaching outside our practices and working side-by-side with others that we’re not normally used to working with,” she says.


The article is not online, but can be accessed in the March 2011 Practice Options edition on page eight.

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    There’s no way to eliminate the risk and uncertainty of the move to ICD-10, but there are four steps organizations can take throughout ICD-10 implementation to manage the risk. More at

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    Your anwesr was just what I needed. It’s made my day!

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