BC Advantage Cover: FACE to FACE: Deborah Grider

AAPC president and CEO Deborah Grider was featured on the cover of BC Advantage magazine. BC Advantage conducted an interview, Q-and-A style, for the article talking about the current state of the industry and a look ahead to the future. Here are a a few excepts from the interview:
BCA: Apart from the obvious ICD-10 changes coming in 2013, what other areas of the industry should coders and healthcare professionals consider learning more about?
DG: With the advent of health care reform everyone in the health care industry should learn about meaningful use, the Electronic Health Record and the stimulus monies along with how the RACS, MICs, ZPICs and others impact every health care organization.
BCA: Many coders believe they only need to stay informed about their specific specialty or current job position. What would you say to these professionals in regards to further education and career diversity?
DG: I learned many years ago with the constant changes in health care that it is important to evolve and grow you must reach out of your comfort zone and learn a new specialty or skill.  I think that a coder who focuses in only one specialty might limit themselves in the industry if they want to move up or move to a different specialty.  I encourage growth and furthering education especially with all the changes and challenges we face today.
To read the full version of the article, please click here.


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