UnitedHealthcare Public Designation Display Postponed

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  • April 15, 2011
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UnitedHealthcare has pushed back the reconsideration and display dates for its UnitedHealth Premium® physician designation program. The reconsideration period has been extended until May 1 to accommodate any physicians who may have questions about their designation determinations, the insurer said.

Physicians may submit a reconsideration at any time. The insurer warns, however, if a reconsideration request is not received before May 1, the physician’s current designation will display until changes can be made, which the insurer says will be done expeditiously.
As a result of the extended reconsideration period, designations will display June 1 rather than March 30, as previously indicated.
Due to updated group affiliation information, some designations may have been changed since the original assessment letter was mailed. Although the insurer says it will notify physicians of these changes, it also advises physicians to check their designation on the United Healthcare Premium website.
To review designation results and assessment reports online, physicians must register for the new Premium section of UnitedHealthcareOnline.com.

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