Watch for Potential Future Chapter Officers

Believe it or not, in three short months your chapter will begin taking nominations for officers for 2012. Now is the time to mentor your members, ensuring you have a qualified pool of candidates from which to choose at election time.

  • Watch for members who enjoy being involved. Do this by providing opportunities for others to volunteer. Members could help with:
    • Room setup and cleanup
    • Refreshments
    • Passing out name tags
    • Providing handouts
    • Procuring speakers
    • Finding meeting space
    • Operating LCD and overhead projectors
    • Providing games
    • Giving educational presentations
    • Procuring door prizes
    • Bringing guests
    • Proctoring exams
    • Be creative, the list is endless
  • Committees are another great way to get people involved. Not only does this lighten the load of the officers, it also provides an opportunity for natural leaders to come forward.
  • As members participate and you get to know their strengths, you’ll be able to identify those who would make good officers.
  • As members work side by side with the officers, they will begin to feel comfortable with the tasks. This is a good point to encourage them to run for office.

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