Non-Saturday Exams

An increasing number of AAPC members are desirous of taking the certification exams on a day other than Saturday. We appreciate those chapters who are able to facilitate these members by setting up special exams dates. If possible, we ask you to consider setting up one non-Saturday exam per year. You may be surprised how many members will appreciate this consideration.

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  1. Denise Paige says:

    I for one would have a very hard time offering an exam during the week. With a full time job I would have to take off work and/or use my vacation time and its tough enough to give up my weekend. However it could be possible for other chapter members who have flexible hours or who don’t work could do this. Another problem would be getting the regular room that we use for this all day event during the week, I know that would be difficult. Just seems there are more obstacles in doing this during the week which is why most exams are given on Saturdays….

  2. Kim Montenegro says:

    Currently I am setting Sunday test dates in the month of September and December. I personnally have had to travel out of state in order to take a non-Saturday exam and it sucks. Not only is it costly but hugely inconveniant. Please let me know if you are interested in dates sooner than this so I can add this to my search. Just let me know. Same applies for boot camps. I have never hosted a boot camp however, if anyone in the Denver Metro area can do one on a Sunday which I can co host, please let me know. I just don’t want to go-it-alone on my first try.

  3. Roxanne Thames says:

    Funny thing is just prior to this coming out I set up a weekday exam for my chapter. We are paying to rent the spot for holding the exam but we can fit 60 people in the room at a reasonable price. As of right now we have 14 people registered which is actually more than the normal we get for Saturday exams. I’m hoping next year’s President of the York, Pa Chapter may do the same thing. It is hard to get off during the week using PTO time but I am employed by a wonderful medical group who has been understanding.

  4. Kimberly Dziekan says:

    We had a member require a weekday exam due to religious purposes. Before then, I did not realize only offering Saturday exams was putting a strain on any coder desiring to sit for the exam. I’m glad a member brought it to our attention. Now, as this is my last year as President and an officer, I am suggesting we incorporate this as normal practice of our chapter to offer a weekday exam every year to accommodate those members. Our weekday exam is scheduled for 10/10/11 in Miamisburg, OH through the Dayton OH AAPC local chapter. Seating is limited.