Maxwell Joins AAPC

David Maxwell has joined AAPC and will serve as its vice president of product management, announced Reed Pew, AAPC CEO and president.

Maxwell joins AAPC from 3M Health Information Systems, where he was the product marketing manager for hospital patient records and benchmarking applications. Prior to that, he managed an endodontic product line for a dental supplier and worked in public relations and marketing.

“Health care is changing and evolving,” Maxwell said. “It’s an exciting industry to be part of and AAPC is at the forefront of preparing members for these changes.” He will direct the organization’s exams, conference and workshop, PMCC instructor, and distance learning programs.

“We’re excited to have David with us,” said Pew. “He will help assure, as our membership goes through the transition to ICD-10 and EHRs, that our services remain member-centered and valuable.”

Maxwell received his bachelor’s degree from Brigham Young University and his Master’s of Business Administration from the University of Utah.

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