Radiology Today: “10 Tips for Improving A/R”

A practice’s health is often measured by its accounts receivable. After all, if you are performing and reading a lot of imaging studies, the number of outstanding claims working their way through the system on any given day will be substantial. But it is also true that a high A/R can signal glitches in your processes, especially if accounts have been outstanding for more than 60 days.
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    To spot trends in aging A/R print out weekly reports by insurance company. If your reports will allow rank by insurance company first, CPT code second and patient account third. This will allow you to analyse and question why the insurance companies aren’t paying for certain CPT codes. When working your aging A/R call or e-mail the insurance company with this list of accounts derived from your report. Trending allows you to clean up your A/R more efficiently and timely. Also you can learn and pass on any errors or new information to your billers and coders. Good communication is essential since the answers to these frequent changes will give your office staff a heads up on how to bill. You can then watch the denials drop from month to month. Let your staff know and spread the praise. It’s a great feeling.

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