JustCoding.com: “AAPC ‘Coder of the Year’ says networking and learning from others leads to success”

If you’re a member of JustCoding.com, make sure to check out the article highlighting AAPC member Barbara Fontaine as the AAPC’s “Coder of the Year.”

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2 Responses to “JustCoding.com: “AAPC ‘Coder of the Year’ says networking and learning from others leads to success””

  1. Audrey Minck says:

    I would like to get on your mailing list. I was on it in 2004 an able to earn CEU’s I am now in SC vs CT. and need to earn 48 CRU’s by Sept 2009 can you help?
    Thank you, Audrey Minck


    i am new to the aapc world of coders and have recently took on a coding certification course and am going to be taking my cpc test in december. can you help me in regards to acupuncture codeing, i have located the cpt code but am not sure if it is actualy payable by major insurances such as blue shield ,blue cross,.ect. have you ever billed and saw reimbursment from these types of services.
    hope to hear from you soon.

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