Study Questions Need for Extra Tissue Sampling

Just how much tissue sampling is required when unsuspected minimal prostate carcinoma is identified on transurethral resection of the prostate (TURP)? A recent study asks that question.
The College of American Pathologists (CAP) says submission of specimens weighing 12 grams or less in their entirety, usually in six to eight cassettes, is needed. For specimens greater than 12 grams, the initial 12 grams should be submitted, and one cassette for every additional 5 grams may be submitted. CAP recently added that “…if an unsuspected carcinoma is found in the tissue submitted and it involves 5 percent or less of the tissue examined, the remaining tissue is generally submitted for microscopic examination.”
According to the study, however, institutions could save money and reap the same results with just the initial random sample of six cassettes/blocks when incidental minimal carcinoma involving 5 percent or less of the tissue is detected in the initial TURP specimen. Further studies are required before CAP practice guidelines can be changed.
Go to to read the complete story, published Sept. 2.

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