New Tool to Ablate Soft Tissue

Surgical oncologists, interventional radiologists, hepatobiliary surgeons and other medical specialists have a new tool they can use to ablate soft tissue-and it’s reportedly fast and efficient.
Covidien’s EvidentTM microwave ablation system received Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval on September 5, according to a Medical News Today report. This means patients who are not candidates for surgical resection have new hope for treatment.
According to the report, EvidentTM allows for percutaneous, laparoscopic or open surgical soft tissue ablation to be performed in less time than other forms of ablation—often in as little as 10 minutes. Some say the efficient heating mechanism of this microwave system will render the unit cost-effective, as it will reduce operating or radiology time as well as recovery time for patients.
You can read this story in its entirety on the Medical News Today Web site.

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