New Needle for Oocyte Collection on the Horizon

Women who suffer from infertility and are considering in vitro fertilization (IVF) might want to hop on a plane to Europe for treatments. Currently, that’s the only place physicians are able to use an innovative oocyte collection needle that is said to minimize tissue damage, bleeding, and pain often associated with the procedure.
Vitrolife recently received European approval for its Swemed SenseTM oocyte aspiration needle. The patent pending design includes a thinner front part and tip while the rear part of the needle is larger in diameter. This reportedly makes the needle more stable and does not reduce the ability to collect oocytes, according to Medical News Today.
You can read more about Vitrolife or Swemed SenseTM in the Sept. 2 report on the Medical News Today Web site.

One Response to “New Needle for Oocyte Collection on the Horizon”

  1. mahbeik says:

    please guid me
    i have a question about coding of IVF based on ICD10.
    should i use only one code (Z31.2) to code all process of Ivf (such as counsulting,collecting of sperm and ……..)if patient has several hospitalization in order to IVF or not.some provider believe that we should use one code for every service.