Top Five Tips for Successful Officer Elections

We know you’ve been having so much fun as a chapter officer; it’s hard to believe it’s time to start thinking about officer elections for next year. The most successful officer elections use the following 5 tips:

  1. Prepare a timeline.
    • Announce elections (July meeting)
    • Teach about officer roles (August meeting)
    • Take nominations (September meeting)
    • Hold elections (October meeting)
    Timing your announcement, education, nominations, and elections keeps officer elections “top of mind” and helps create excitement and continuity.
  2. Plant seeds for potential officers by taking 2-3 minutes at each meeting over the next several months and have your current and past chapter officers share their experiences. Ask them to highlight several aspects during their term that helped them grow professionally and personally. Then have each current officer give their top reason to run for office.
  3. Remind members that officers are part of the change they want to see within the chapter. Also, chapter officer positions look great on a resume.
  4. Mentor potential officers by asking members to participate in committees and projects. Natural leaders are easy to spot along the way.
  5. Emphasize the leadership opportunities and training available to local chapter officers. And it never hurts to mention the discounts officers receive for national and regional conferences.
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