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CMS Releases New and Revised Medicare Enrollment Forms

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  • August 31, 2011
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The U.S. Office of Management and Budget recently approved changes to the Medicare Provider-Supplier Enrollment Applications (CMS-855) to update them from the 2008 versions, as well as the new CMS-855O application form used for the sole purpose of enrolling to order and refer items and/or services to Medicare beneficiaries. The revised and new forms are now available on the CMS Provider-Supplier website.
Providers and suppliers enrolling for the sole purpose to order and refer are required to begin using the new CMS-855O form immediately. Providers and suppliers using the other CMS-855 forms to enroll in Medicare are encouraged to begin using the revised forms; although, they may continue to use the old forms through October 2011.
Source: Palmetto GBA

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  1. Traci Stone says:

    It is my understanding that even if your provider registered with PECOS, this revised application must again be completed through PECOS. From what I have read, your Medicare contractor will contact each provider specifically to let him know when he is to begin the new revised application process. It is my understanding this is to keep the carriers from being inundated at the last minute with provider applications.