End-of-Year Exams Filling Up FAST!

The end of the year is always a busy time for certification exams – and this year is no exception. To accommodate all our members wanting to complete an exam by the end of the year, we need your help. While many chapters have exams scheduled in November or December, existing exams are filling up fast! Please consider opening up additional seats in existing scheduled exams and scheduling an extra date towards the end of this year. This will help us accommodate all those wishing to sit for a certification exam before the end of the year.
You can easily raise the limit of an existing exam by sending an email to localchapters@aapc.com with your chapter name, the exam date, index number, and how many additional examinees you can accommodate. To schedule an additional exam date, please follow the normal online procedure and send us an email with the additional date you’re adding.

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