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Prepare in Advance for CEU Verification
Professional certifications typically require ongoing continuing education as part of the qualifications to maintain a certain standard in a profession. AAPC requires continuing education units (CEUs) so that the CPC and other credentials continue to mean quality to employers.
To maintain this standard, AAPC has a team that randomly verifies members’ CEUs to ensure quality, proper, and accurate education has been obtained. CEU verification is random and when members are respectful and understanding when interacting with the CEU verification team, it is appreciated.
Being prepared for verification makes it much easier if by chance you’re randomly selected. Keep CEU certificates organized by year by making a new file folder each year and labeling it with the current year. Again, we appreciate members that recognize the importance of compliance and appreciate AAPC’s goal to maintain high standards.
Help Newly Certified Members Understand CEU Requirements
Occasionally newly certified members do not understand the significance of earning CEUs to maintain their certification. You can help by explaining that certified coders start earning CEUs once they pass the exam.
Help CPC-As Understand Apprentice Removal
One CPC-A recently stated she understood that after one year her “A” would automatically be removed from her credentials. She also believed that because she had started a new job a few weeks ago, the “A” would be removed immediately. Both these scenarios are incorrect. Since many misunderstand apprentice removal, you can help by guiding them to the correct answers on their home page of AAPC’s website. When a CPC-A logs into the AAPC website, a huge banner says “How to Remove Your ‘A’ – Learn More.” Members are also always welcome to call AAPC and ask questions directly.
Keep your Meeting Sign-in Sheets
By keeping your meeting sign-in sheets, you’ll be able to respond to any requests from members about lost CEU certificates. Members appreciate it when you can easily and conveniently accommodate these requests by simply looking at past sign-in sheets.

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