Networking Tip of the Month (September)

Networking is about more than what’s in it for you. By looking for ways you can help others, you’ll be known for your kindness and generosity. People generally dislike people that have a ‘taker’ mentality and are only looking for what’s in it for them. You may be able to help someone by finding an answer to a difficult coding scenario, bringing a bottle of water back to the table, recommending a great restaurant, or just offering your contact information for future questions. Focus on giving and what you get in return may surprise you!

One Response to “Networking Tip of the Month (September)”

  1. Pat says:

    My coding career has always been helped by the coders I’ve met with more experience than I had. Now my greatest pleasure is being able to help new and/or struggling coders to find their way to satisfaction and enjoyment within this great profession. Sometimes, that help has nothing to do with coding but rather personal issues getting in the way of a potentially great coder.
    What I’ve learned is that by giving your time and knowledge to those that want them brings you so many unexpected rewards!

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