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We Need Additional Exam Seats

As always, many AAPC members are anxious to take and pass examinations before the New Year, when the new and updated codes are reflected on the exams. We need additional exams and additional seats in existing exams so everyone can be accommodated. If you can do this, please contact us at

No Responses to “We Need Additional Exam Seats”

  1. Debbie Lamb Cumming Ga Chapter says:

    We can made room for 10 more people to take the exam for 11/12/2011 and 12/10/11

  2. Joyce Cunningham says:

    I can take upto 10 more for my test on 12-10-2011

  3. Lorraine J Sivak, CPC says:

    We can offer another exam this year in December, in Duluth, MN if that would be helpful! Let us know so we can schedule

  4. Lorraine J Sivak, CPC says:

    We still have seats for our 11/17/2011 exam if the AAPC approves