New Obesity Medicine Physician Certification

Physicians will soon be able to become specialists in weight management, says Robert Kushner, president of the Obesity Society. The obesity group and 10 other professional societies, including the American Diabetes Association and the American Academy of Pediatrics, are creating an Obesity Medicine Physician Certification (OMPC) for doctors who pass an examination on nutrition, exercise, psychology and medicine. Doctors will be able to earn the certificate in 2010 (Hellmich, USA Today).

No Responses to “New Obesity Medicine Physician Certification”

  1. Hidy Borden says:

    Isn’t that what a Bariatrician specialize in? Why create another certification?

  2. Cesar Cuneo MD says:

    You are right Bariatrician specializes in weight management. Bariatric physicians are doctors who specialize in helping patients lose weight without surgical intervention. Bariatricians treat obesity and related disorders. A new certification is not needed.

  3. April St.John-Keenoy, D.O says:

    The new certification sounds great! Bariatric physicians are all about surgery as far as I can tell. I am hoping the new certification will focus on all the non-surgical interventions, and in fact this seems to be what they are aiming at since an exam focusing on nutrition, exercise, psychology and medicine must be passed. I want to know more!