Just Coding: Providers share ICD-10 education strategies and discuss inherent challenges

Providers who have begun their ICD-10 implementation are well aware of the specific changes their practice will undergo in 2013. ICD-10 goes well beyond just affecting the coder’s job as it will affect all positions within the practice for sure. In a recent Just Coding article, AAPC member Cynthia Trapp, CHFP, CMPE, CPCO, CPC, CPC-I, CCS-P, CHC shared her expertise on the subject and specifically, the potential for productivity loss when implementation occurs.

“I’m hoping to try to absorb some of that shift in productivity slowly so it won’t be such a hit to us in 2013,” Trapp says. “On the professional side, I’m training my coders now. I hope I won’t see such a drastic hit in productivity because I’m training them over time.”


Read the full article here.

2 Responses to “Just Coding: Providers share ICD-10 education strategies and discuss inherent challenges”

  1. marie says:

    Living in florida , this is my first ime on this site and I am learning alot. I need to know more anout medical coding as I am presently doing the course to gain employment.

  2. kw says:

    I am a coder. I get paid $11.00 an hour…what a joke!!!! I live in New York. A multi million dollar company just took us over…..still $11.00 an hour. Really. This is why I went to college

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