UnitedHealthcare Increases Rapid Flu Test Fee

UnitedHealthcare is implementing a physician fee increase for the Rapid Flu Test (CPT® 87804) for some physicians, effective for dates of services on or after Oct. 1.

The update includes reclassification of the Rapid Flu Test from the Clinical Laboratory to the Office Lab Type of Service, a category that includes lab tests commonly performed in the physician office setting.

Some physicians may also receive an increased fee above the Office Lab Type of Service amount for the Rapid Flu Test as a result of UnitedHealthcare’s research on a reasonable physician payment for the Rapid Flu Test.

This increase, according to UnitedHealthcare, is prompted by the anticipated demand increase for the Rapid Flu Test. Due to exceptional timeline requirements to meet the Oct. 1 effective date, fee increases are being carried out on an expedited basis.


Find out if you qualify for the increased fee. UnitedHealthcare recommends calling your local network management representative with questions regarding your fee for the Rapid Flu Test.

3 Responses to “UnitedHealthcare Increases Rapid Flu Test Fee”

  1. cjherod says:

    Does this apply for Peds…since they see a lot of little ones with flu like symptoms?

  2. mary beth quinn,cma says:

    Does anyone know how much the reimbursement is and has anyone actually got paid? State is NJ

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