Becker’s ASC Review: With ICD-10 Coming, What is a Coder’s Earning Potential?

Following the most recent AAPC salary survey, many in the industry wonder what impact ICD-10 might have on coder’s salaries down the road. Rhonda Buckholtz , CPC, CPMA, CPCI, is AAPC’s vice president of ICD-10 training and education, and recently contributed an article on the subject for Becker’s ASC Review.

“Coders have a variety of career paths to choose from, and ICD-10 will lend an even more valuable coding skill. Right now, coders are taking career paths such as auditing, billing, education, management, consultant and many more as well,” she stated.


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2 Responses to “Becker’s ASC Review: With ICD-10 Coming, What is a Coder’s Earning Potential?”

  1. Rita Ross says:

    In my opinion, I believe that the coder’s salaries will go down because coder’s will code slower because on the documention being not readily available in the MR. Therefore, employers will need to hire more coders to keep the cash flow coming in. Plus cuts in Medicare payments to doctors affect the coder as will as the physician and hospitals.

  2. Rita Ross says:

    One more reason, getting the training is so expensive most coders will not be able to take the classes and they will have to learn I-10 and PCS on their own.

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