For the Record:No ICD-9 Left Behind

With ICD-10’s implementation date getting closer every day many in the industry have pushed ICD-9 to the side a little, this should not be the case, according to an article in For the Record written by AAPC’s CEU vendor manager Shelly Cronin, CPC, CPMA, CANPC, CGSC, CGIC. “Coders should be intimate with their coding manuals; outpatient coding is not only about CPT coding, but rather it is about abstracting the entire picture through a combination of CPT and ICD-9-CM codes,” she stated.

Because the ICD-10 transition is so on the top of many coder’s minds, Cronin suggests that “[i]f you are comfortable with ICD-9-CM and are able to look up a diagnosis by figuring out what information should be used in code selection, then the transition to ICD-10-CM should not be as rocky as it would be if you were not proficient in ICD-9-CM coding.”


Read the full article here.

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