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Claim Your $300 Discount on National Conference

We would love to see you in Las Vegas next year at our 2012 National Conference! Qualifying officers merit a $300 discount on registration by being part of a chapter that hosted at least 4 exams and at least 6 meetings where CEUs were offered.

No Responses to “Claim Your $300 Discount on National Conference”

  1. Melissa Sanchez says:

    As new chapter officer I am excited to participate in the year’s AAPC national conference.

  2. Robyn Gutherless says:

    This will be my first conference and I cant wait to meet new people and learn as much as I can!

  3. Robyn Gutherless says:

    Las Vegas here I come!

  4. Frances E. Petschauer, CPC says:

    If you have never attended an AAPC National Conference, you really need to figure out a way to attend. Not only do you get to meet all of our wonderful National Staff and officers but the amount of information you get is so worth it. I went to the one in Jacksonville, FL and Long Beach, CA and can’t wait for the conference in Las Vegas. Great way to network and plenty of time to get to know other AAPC members. Plan on arriving on Sunday in time for the Getting to Know your Local Chapter event and the Legal Issues seminar is awesome, so much is changing so fast but they are on top of it and you really need to hear what they have to say. Can’t wait to see all of you in Las Vegas on April 1st.