Becker’s Hospital Review: What is the Salary Potential for Medical Coders?

With the most recent AAPC salary survey we’ve learned a number of things that hopefully bring hope to most coders. Becker’s Hospital Review recently spoke with Bevan Erickson, AAPC’s VP of Marketing to discuss the survey.

“Individuals with advanced certifications earned more on average,” Erickson says. “For example, those holding both a CPC and CPC-Hospital earned over $54,700 annually, up nearly $4,000 since 2010. Respondents with a CPC-Instructor averaged over $76,000 per year, an increase of $6,000 from last year.”

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One Response to “Becker’s Hospital Review: What is the Salary Potential for Medical Coders?”

  1. Ann WilsonMcGrath says:

    Individuals that have not been coding but with recent certification..what is the outlook and how welcome are they in hospsital/office .?

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