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Handbook Tip: Make the Most of Your Year-end Chapter Money

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  • December 14, 2011
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By Susan Edwards, CPC, AAPCCA Board Member
After elections, it’s time to look at the year-end profit and loss statement and determine if your chapter will have excess funds. Your chapter could be penalized and required to pay taxes if you have more funds than you did at the beginning of the year. So, what do you do with an excess that has accumulated over the year? See Finances in chapter 13 of the Local Chapter Handbook. The money should remain with your chapter and we have some basic suggestions on how best to use it:

  • Purchase discounted coding books or coding reference books to use for door prizes or incentives for participation in meetings and events. Reference books such as anatomy texts, dictionaries, etc., are not affected by coding changes. You can save up to 80% off the price when buying books from the current year.
  • Buy small door prizes for the next year (perhaps for May MAYnia). Hot Deals are a good source for these prizes.
  • Purchase local gift cards (grocery, gas, etc.) for your speakers.
  • Buy non-perishable food items in bulk for refreshments for the next year.
  • Purchase AAPC bucks for members to use on coding books or education in the coming year.
  • Create scholarships for members to go to an AAPC conference.
  • Make a Project AAPC donation. Contact the Local Chapter team for details.
  • Host a member-appreciation meal or award ceremony for officers and volunteers who helped during the year.
  • Purchase meeting tools such as a laptop, projector, or camera. All items are a one-time investment and stay with the chapter. Check out the Member Perks discounts and deals.
  • Create a chapter display board to have at each meeting. Keep adding to it throughout the year. You can display it at the “Get 2 Know Your Local Chapter” event at AAPC conferences.

Whatever your chapter decides to do with extra funds, do it for the good of the chapter members.

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