A Huge Thank You to All 2011 Officers

As we say goodbye to 2011 we want to express sincere thanks to all our dedicated officers for their hard work and support of AAPC’s members and local chapters. Your efforts on the local level are a key component of what makes AAPC the strong, professional organization that it is.

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  1. Kimberly Sullivan says:

    Suggestions on how the AAPC could help us:
    We have never had a speaker come to our chapter. As president, I had to fill in for our education officer who neglected to perform her duties. I had not planned on the extra work of the education officer and contacted the AAPC and was told they should be able to send a speaker out for one of our meetings, but no one ever followed up with me.
    We have a terrible time finding officers and offer 10 meetings with 2 CEU’s throughout the year as well was 4 exams. We also have partnered with the local community college to increase membership.
    I think our chapter needs direction, perhaps we have offered too many meetings and CEUs. The officer positions are too demanding as the requirements have also increased.
    We are in Evansville, IN and have many of our members from surrounding areas that are an hour or more away. There is no way to get regular attendance for these folks in small communities. An on line option, even if we could record a few meetings a year and include these folks, followed by a quiz of the material would be a huge benefit to them and us.
    It would be interesting if the AAPC would take a survey of our members assigned to our chapter and ask why they do not attend meetings-I believe you will find that they are too far away for the most part. We are a city surrounded by rural areas and need to support our coders outside of the city.

  2. April Borgstedt says:

    Hello Kimberly,
    I am an active officer and understand the challenges you are facing. Electronic Surveys produce improved communication, feedback and utlimately networking. Have you considered creating your own survey using a free service like surveymonkey or zoomerang? This gives the chapter officers a method to customize the questions to survey specific issues that impact local members. The electronic process is easy, quick and the results are easy to understand. Send a Text, with a subject line of “survey local aapc” to 918-798-5972 and include your email address if you would like to review the new year survey our local chapter used, as a sample.