Noridian Educates Through Workshops

Noridian Administrative Services LLC (NAS) will be conducting two educational workshops geared toward durable medical equipment (DME) suppliers.

Enteral Nutrition Suppliers

Join NAS provider outreach and education staff, Sept. 29, 3 p.m. CT, for a 90-minute workshop on the Enteral policy. Learn about coverage criteria for enteral nutrition, nutrients administration, documentation requirements, coding guidelines, and billing rules.

Suppliers of Glucose Monitor and Test Supplies

NAS will also hold a 60-minute presentation, Sept. 30, 3 p.m. CT, on the Glucose Monitor Local Coverage Determination (LCD). The workshop will outline coverage and payment rules and emphasize documentation requirements. Participants will receive instruction on the spanning of dates requirement as well as the appropriate modifiers to use when billing claims.

These workshops will be Web and audio based, and will last approximately one hour, with time for questions at the end of each session.

You can register for these workshops online.

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