AMA’s Winter CPT Panel Meeting Concludes

Prior to each CPT Editorial Panel meeting, a listing of the code applications that are scheduled for the meeting are included for review by the public on the CPT web site. Following the meeting and finalization of the meeting minutes, the listing is updated with a brief summary for each item of any Panel actions taken on the issues.
In order to receive notifications of the postings for Panel materials, please sign up for email alerts. By signing up, you will be notified when changes are posted to the AMA Web site for CPT Announcements, Category II codes, Category III codes, Vaccine codes, Errata and Panel Agenda Proposals and Subsequent Actions. You may also receive notice when registration opens for CPT Editorial Panel meetings. The results of the Panel’s actions at the February CPT Editorial Panel meeting will be posted by February 29th for final inclusion in the CPT 2013 code set.


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