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ICD-10 Hub: 5010 is over, now what?

With 2012 here and in full swing, that means that Version 5010 has replaced the 4010 Version. “Once Version 5010, the pre-requisite to ICD-10, is being monitored appropriately, focus can shift to the transition to ICD-10,” states AAPC’s Jo-Anne M. Sheehan, CPC, CPC-I in a recent posting on ICD-10 Hub.
She recommends that all vendors test their individual ICD-10 products now, in order to avoid any confusion once implementation goes live in 2013. “Practices, large and small, must now begin planning for the biggest change to affect healthcare. Project management teams should be formed, if not already initiated.  Practices must decide how much each staff member and department needs to understand and how they will correspond to one another,” she added.
Read the entire article here.

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