As a New Officer Did You Know…

AAPC reimburses chapters for proctoring exams and holding CEU-approved meetings?
Reimbursement requests for exams and meetings held are due 15 days after the end of each quarter (January 15, April 15, July 15, October 15). Payments are made online on the 15th of the next month (February 15, May 15, August 15, November 15). Watch for an online deposit coming up in February which will be reimbursement for the 4th quarter of 2011.

A list of your chapter members is provided online?

Just go to My AAPC, and click on My Chapter to see Officers/Members. All AAPC members assigned to your chapter are listed along with their phone numbers and email addresses. Follow the directions to download your list to an Excel spreadsheet. If you save your list, please be sure you download the newest version each time you contact or email your members, as the list constantly changes to provide you with the most up-do-date information. Note: When sending mass emails to chapter members, be sure to place member email addresses in the BCC line to protect their privacy.
The local chapter team sends an email to all officers once a month?
This email, full of timely information and tips for leading your chapter, will be sent to all officers around the end of each month so you can share its pertinent contents at your chapter meeting the next month. Be sure to watch for it.

2012 officers that qualify will get a discount on a 2013 national or regional conference?

So be sure to fill all the requirements: host at least six meetings where CEUs are offered, sponsor at least four exams, and fulfill the duties and responsibilities of the position you hold.

AAPCCA provides a template for a newsletter?

Freda Brinson, member of the Board of Directors (BOD), has done all the work so you can send a newsletter each month to your chapter members. All you have to do is add your unique information and the template is customized to your specific chapter members. It couldn’t be easier.
Chapters contribute to an annual assessment for the AAPCCA?
The AAPCCA governs the local chapters and is supported in part by yearly assessments from the local chapters. These assessments are automatically held from the 4th quarter reimbursements and are calculated by the amount each chapter earned through attendance at chapter meetings and certification exams during the year. No assessment is taken from the amounts chapters earn through their own workshops, seminars, or other activities.

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