Financial Information

4th Quarter Reimbursement
On February 16th you should have received an online deposit into your chapter checking account if you submitted a request for reimbursement. Please check with your bank and make sure the deposit was made.
Changing Banks or Accounts
If you happen to make a change to your checking account information you must contact us with the updated information in order to continue receiving your quarterly reimbursements in a timely fashion. This does not apply to updating the bank signature card, which should be done each time the chapter officers change. This only applies to a change in the checking account routing or account number, or when the chapter closes one account to open another.
April 15 Deadline
All requests for reimbursements for meetings held in 2011 must be received by April 15.
Financial Reports
Financial reports should be given at least quarterly at chapter meetings. It is important to keep the members informed of the status of the chapter finances. Members are entitled to know the opening balance of their chapter’s funds at the beginning of each year in addition to income and expenses thoughout the year.
Review Handbook Updates
To ensure you are in compliance with the financial rules of operating a chapter, refer to the finance section of the handbook (chapter 13) and the responsibilities of the treasurer (chapter 5).

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