Providers Aren’t Keeping Pace with Data Exchange, Study Says

Health care providers aren’t doing as good a job sharing data as are payers and pharmaceutical companies, HealthLeaders Media reports. That’s the conclusion of PricewaterhouseCoopers, LLC. (PwC) U.S. Health Research Institute, which recently surveyed more than 600 provider, health insurer, and pharmaceutical/life science professionals.

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  1. Barbara Cobuzzi says:

    Right now, except in the rare cases, such as when physicians use the EHR, Doctations and the Doctations Patient Network (DPN), there are not avenues for sharing patient information like there exists in the other healthcare industries. The healthcare information exchanges have yet to be set up and other EHR products are not set up for the sharing of information over like DPN provides. So, without that sharing functionality, providers and facilities are at the whim of the HIEs and cannot really make sharing a reality until the HIEs are up and running.

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