Office Workflow in an ICD-10 World

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  • March 14, 2012
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How does your office run today? The effects of ICD-10 will be felt throughout the office. Let’s consider a few areas.
Front Desk: The status of participation in certain plans may change. The front desk staff will need to be able to explain this to patients when they make appointments on the phone or when they present for visits. There may be new privacy policies that need to be explained and agreed to by patients.
Nurses Station: The nursing staff may have to learn new pre-authorization formats and procedures. They may be called upon to assist the providers with questions on ICD-10 and may need to revise how they perform intake operations for patients. More Advanced Beneficiary Notices (ABNs) may need to be signed by the patient under the more specific code set.
Coding/Billing: The coding staff will need to evaluate a larger code set to assign a code, or assess the code assigned by the provider. They will be called upon for education of the new code set. Billers will need to understand the new payer policies that may become effective under ICD-10. Appeals processes may be different.
Providers: Providers will need to understand any changes to their specialty resulting from the new code set. They may need to adjust documentation to meet the new changes.
The effect of ICD-10 will be felt throughout the office. Take the time now to determine how extensive the changes will be and where they will be felt the most. This will help you figure out your game plan on how to adapt to the new code set in your practice.

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