For the Record:Five Things Every Physician Needs to Know About ICD-10 Documentation

No doubt that many physicians are nervous about the ICD-10 implementation. AAPC member Stephanie Cecchini, CPC, CEMC, CHISP recently wrote a For the Record article highlighting five things every physician should know about ICD-10.

“Practices that haven’t started gearing up for the ICD-10 transition will lose an important advantage. Preparing now spreads the necessary work and training across nearly two years rather than facing it all at one time and sacrificing focus from patient care,” she stated.

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One Response to “For the Record:Five Things Every Physician Needs to Know About ICD-10 Documentation”

  1. Patti Cartagena says:

    How is anesthesia billing affected by ICD 10, since we submit claims for just about every speciality. We will have to know all coding, Any guide’s for anesthesia billing?
    I’ve already sent an email to get a quote on in house training, but I would like to obtain so other information to be more prepared.

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