Diabetes Practice Options: Institute a Compliance Plan Now to Avoid Future Coding Audits

Recently, AAPC Physician Services regional director Teri Gatchel, MBA, CPC authored an article called ” Institute a Compliance Plan Now to Avoid Future Coding Audits” for Diabetes Practice Options. The article highlights several key aspect practice managers need to address in order to remain, or get, compliant.

“In a technology-driven environment, most providers submit Medicare and Medicaid claims electronically, exposing their information at record speed to a much higher level of scrutiny and an increased expectation that claims are reported accurately,” she wrote. “Because of the increasing number of government contractors aggressively trying to identify Medicare and Medicaid overpayments and fraudulent claims, providers can no longer fly under the radar when it comes to claims submission; when information is inaccurately reported, it becomes highly probable that the provider will be subjected to an audit.”

Read the full article here.

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