Build a Solid Billing Infrastructure

Fine tuning the coding, billing, and collections processes is essential.
Even well seasoned coders and billers may not know the nuances of coding and billing every service to different payers with different plans. To help you set rules and standards and effectively communicate to staff for a working billing infrastructure, check out UVA Health’s Physicians Practice Pearls on Coding “Set Up a Strong Billing Infrastructure” by Bill Dacey, CPC, MBA, MHA.

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  1. Monique M. Webb says:

    I would like some additional infomation about this topic. I am a entrepreneure, CPC-Apprentice, have a homebased business in start-up. I thrist for this knowledge and have a passion to help my potiental clients to increase revenue. Please forward any related information to me. Thank you for helping me to help others.

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    You are so right, there are many things we think we know but you always find out there’s another way or a better way. I would greatly appreciate any information to help broaden my knowledge.