ICD-10 Monitor: Wish I Were in Las Vegas

The 20th annual AAPC National Conference recently concluded and those in attendance no doubt came away with a wealth of knowledge. ICD-10 Monitor writer David Block shared some info for those not in attendance who would have liked to be in a recent article.

“I really wish I were at AAPC with all of you in Las Vegas,” he wrote. “I’ve been going over the title and description of every section that met (earlier in conference). Cool stuff. I’m hoping you went to Mike Arrigo’s talk about revenue cycle management, and Lynn Myers on hierarchical condition categories, or HCC’s, and risk adjustment. In the good old consulting days, I never would have missed a talk about E&M, even if it was about life in the Emergency Department. Note, please: it’s NEVER “the ER.” Always “ED.”

Read the full article here.

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