The Importance of Being Aware of Correct Procedures

Handbook Information
We’re almost halfway through 2012! Have you taken an opportunity to review the handbook? Occasionally the rules change and if officers are not paying attention, they may lead by tradition instead of adhering to new procedures. It’s important to read the handbook and make sure you’re current on expectations and not just proceeding as it’s “always been done”. When in doubt, call the local chapter team!
What to do if an officer resigns or moves
The president or vice president should submit the officer’s resignation letter along with the Resignation/Change of Officer form to AAPC within 10 days. At that point, officers must then either appoint a new officer or hold elections for another officer.
Agreeing online to be an officer
All AAPC officers must demonstrate their desire to serve and accurately lead their local members by agreeing to the terms in the online officer agreement. If you haven’t yet agreed to the terms you are technically not yet an officer and your name will not show online as such. To agree, simply log in at and click on “My AAPC” and then “My Chapter”.

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