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Be accurate when handing out CEU certificates
It is your responsibility to ensure high quality education is offered at chapter meetings. Occasionally chapters have presentations that end sooner than planned. In this case, it is important that the officers are prepared with additional educational information to present up until the time the original presentation was scheduled to end. Please keep in mind that CEUs are awarded based upon the length of the educational presentation and if the presentation runs short, the CEUs should be reduced equally. And remember, breaks do not count toward educational presentation time.
Test Yourself questions should be answered independently
The purpose of Continuing Education Units is to ensure each AAPC certified member is continuing to learn and staying current on coding information. It is inappropriate for officers to lead chapter members in group discussions of the answers to the Test Yourself questions from the Coding Edge magazine. Members should work on these CEUs independently.
Become certified and then earn CEUs
Please help members understand that CEUs aren’t accrued until certification is obtained. This means that although a member attended a chapter meeting and was given a CEU certificate, that certificate is not eligible to be used for CEUs unless the member was certified at the time of the meeting. Explain to members that although they can’t use the CEUs before becoming certified, they should still attend the meetings for the valuable networking opportunities and education.
Search for chapter meetings in AAPC’s search tool
Did you know you can search for chapter meetings in AAPC’s CEU search tool? Click on “Continuing Education” from the top menu, enter the word “meeting” as the keyword, and input a ZIP code before clicking the “Search” button. This will show all the meetings within your desired mile radius.

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