Primary Care Coding & Reimbursement: Poisoning vs. Reactions

Each national conference AAPC gathers some of the best and brightest minds in the industry to discuss trends, timely topics,  and the future. Lisa Phillips, CPC, CPC-I gave a presentation on  “ICD-9 Coding for Medical Necessity”. This presentation was a source for two featured articles in the June edition of Primary Care Coding & Reimbursement newsletter on proper coding.

“The correct ICD-9 sequencing to bill poisoning is:

  1. Poisoning code from the Table of Drugs and Chemicals.
  2. Manifestations of the poisoning.
  3. Corresponding E code from the Table of Drugs and Chemicals.

The correct sequencing for an adverse effect is:

  1. The manifestations resulting from the drug reaction.
  2. An E code from code series E930-E949 to identify the drug causing the adverse reaction”

The newsletter is available by subscription only in hard copy form.

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