Becker’s ASC Review: 15 CPT and Coding Issues for Orthopedics and Spine

AAPC member Stephanie Ellis, RN, CPC was a recent speaker at the 10th Annual Orthopedic, Spine and Pain Management-Driven ASC Conference in Chicago and highlighted ASC coding issues for 15 CPT codes during her presentation.

ACL repairs and reconstructions. Arthroscopic ACL repairs are coded 29888,” Ellis said.

“She said to use code 27407 for an open ACL repair. She also noted that the hamstring autografts harvested from the back of the same knee are not separately billable.  Bill purchased allografts with code L8699 or other appropriate implant code,” stated the article on Becker’s ASC Review.

Ambulatory Surgical Center CASCC

Read about all 15 issues here.

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