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See What’s New for Category II

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  • October 5, 2009
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The American Medical Association (AMA) posted several Category II code updates in recent weeks. The latest additions, deletions and revisions will affect how physicians report certain conditions in 2010, but you won’t find them listed in the CPT® books until 2011.

An updated list of CPT® Category II codes was posted Sept. 9. This list contains only the latest Category II codes not published in the current 2009 CPT® book.

Of note, you will find new, deleted and revised codes for reporting services related to patient history, diagnostic/screening processes or results (several new codes here), patient safety, and structural measures.

Also available for download is a list of Category II medium descriptors, updated Sept. 15, and a list of Category II short descriptor changes and additions, updated Sept. 17.

The AMA posted, Sept. 15, an alphabetical listing of clinical conditions and topics with which the measures and codes are associated. It provides an overview of the performance measures, a listing of CPT® Category II codes that may be used with each measure, as well as any applicable reporting instructions.

Download these lists from the AMA About CPT® Category II Codes Web site.

Category II codes are for facility data collection only and do not have a relative value associated with them. Physicians may optionally use these codes to describe clinical components typically included in certain services.

Medical coding books

Medical coding books

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