May MAYnia

Wow, we had a great turnout this year!
About 98 percent of the chapters participated with a meeting or seminar during May! Tulsa, Oklahoma is our grand prize winner: they had 81 guests (non-AAPC members) attend their meeting! Many thanks go out to the hundreds of officers who worked overtime to arrange special speakers, meals, door prizes, games, networking opportunities, and all the other fun and educational events that helped make this year’s May MAYnia superb! It is with great pride we announce the top ten chapters with the highest average attendance:
1st Little Rock, Ark.
2nd Sharon, Pa.
3rd Somers Point, NJ
4th Greensboro, NC
5th Fargo, ND
6th Springfield, Mo.
7th Morrilton, Ark.
8th Palm Beach, Fla.
9th Fort Myers, Fla.
10th Whittier, Calif.
Be sure to visit the website to see the fabulous prizes these chapters won!
Now is the time to prepare for next year
We suggest you meet as officers and discuss what worked well and what you could do better next time. Ask your chapter members what they enjoyed about the meeting. Write down all your ideas and keep them for next year’s planning. While you’re at it, please go to the Local Chapters General Discussion forum and tell us about your May MAYnia meeting. Share information on great speakers, unique networking ideas, what you did to attract visitors, and anything else that helped make your meeting out of the ordinary. Also post your pictures so we can see what happened. Let’s all work together and start now to make next year even better!

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