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Event Approval

CEUs for Chapter Meetings, Seminars and Review Classes
We are excited to announce several upgrades to our CEU approval process. During this time you may notice some slight changes to the typical work flow. All requests for approval of CEUs for chapter meetings, seminars, or review classes should be submitted well in advance: 30 days for meetings and 60 days for seminars and review classes. All requests are processed in the order they are received. It is also important to be very clear in communicating the amount of time spent in education. If it is unclear, correct CEUs may not be assigned. Contact any of us on the Local Chapter team with questions.
Miscellaneous Events
AAPC proudly sponsors miscellaneous chapter events in the Upcoming Local Chapter Events area. No CEUs are given for miscellaneous events so there is no need for approval by AAPC staff. Chapter parties, awards ceremonies, business meetings, or other related events are very appropriate for the miscellaneous category. However, it is inappropriate to post personal side businesses, anything unrelated to chapter business, or anything for personal gain.

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