Medical Billing and Coding: The Road to Success – Obtaining Your AAPC Certification

What’s your coding story? Many AAPC members have taken different paths in their careers and Holly Cassano, CPC recently wrote about her path to certification on the Medical Billing and Coding blog.

“I urge anyone interested in a career in coding to sit for their CPC, which is considered the gold standard for certification. The reason I say this is that in order for a person to be recognized as a coding professional in healthcare, a certification is a must. If you do not obtain a credential in this industry, you will never achieve the recognition or salary that a credentialed coder attains nor will you have access to all the benefits via the AAPC that members and certified coders receive,” she wrote.

Read the full posting here.

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  1. Aleksandar says:

    I’m an author, stgigrlung to pay the bills selling Office Supplies for a local company. The tension between what I feel called to do and what I am doing (a good job, but I HATE it) is draining my energy. I’m not doing well at my writing OR my “day job, and now I have a multitude of physical ailments mainfesting in my life – an ache in my shoulder, horrible headaches, even my marriage is suffering because I can’t seem to separate my angst from working a job I hate from my personal life – it all feels out of whack. I’ve tried praying, I’ve tried adjusting my attitude – nothing seems to work and I’m literally at the end of my rope.I’m just venting here – not really looking for advice, except that I wonder how many other people feel this way? Can’t we do what we love and have financial security?

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